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Greetings - David and I have started preparing for our upcoming workshop on Service Engineering.  You can learn more about it by reading the About page for this site. Instead of a course Web site, we’ve decided to keep a blog instead, where we’ll provide occasional updates on our progress, as well as share insights and reflections … Continue reading "Greetings"
The Calculus of Service Availability - A few weeks ago, a team of colleagues at Pinterest were debating the meaning of the term “availability.”  In a subsequent post to this blog, I’ll describe the subtle issue that caused the debate.  For now, let’s have a look at the mathematical definition of availability. A deceptively simple formula for availability, or the proportion … Continue reading "The Calculus of Service Availability"
The Ambiguity of Service Availability - In a previous blog entry, I promised to describe the subtle issue that caused a debate about the meaning of the term “availability.”  The post provided a deceptively simple mathematical definition of availability, and pointers to resources for understanding the topic in more depth. Here’s why a mathematical approach alone isn’t enough… Sometimes it’s hard to … Continue reading "The Ambiguity of Service Availability"
Thanks, Amazon Web Services! - Raymie and I would like to thank Amazon Web Services for providing support for our IAP workshop on site reliability engineering.  A significant part of the workshop’s lab will use AWS services that Amazon is sponsoring.
To be continued… - We want to continue teaching this workshop in the future. To simplify maintenance, we’ve decided to consolidate our material into the Github Wiki associated with the source code for the class. All pages on the old site should redirect to there, so in theory nobody should be reading this entry…